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Water Massage Tables For Sale

One category of portable saunas is the water massage table class (often referred to as water massage beds).  You may have seen these unique attwater massage tables for saleendant-free massage beds in action at your local mall, where fully-clothed patrons lay on their front or back sides while strong jets or streams of water pressure deliver a therapeutic massage. 

This type of water massage table has slowly crept into salons and day spas across the USA and Canada as alternative services for the clients and new cash flow for owners.  The most popular models are HydroMassage, Aqua Massage, and Spa Capsule, with each offering their own unique and patented delivery style. 

If your budget will allow, we encourage you to buy a brand new model from the manufacturer.  If not, we buy and sell used water massage tables anywhere in the USA.  If you would like to sell yours, please call 800-667-9189 or email us here with a photo.  Briefly explained below are the used water massage beds we feel are the best to buy and resell and offer a 90 day warranty on all used water massage beds we deliver and install.  Click on the any underlined link for more information and click on any photo for enlarged view. 

 hydro massage series 300 for sale spa capsule water massage  view used Aqua Massage beds here
The water massage bed pictured above is the HydroMassage series 300 made for Planet Beach.  We sell refurbished models for about $6k to $11k, depending on year of manufacture. Water pressure comes up from the bottom and features easy computer controls. The egg-type looking water massage capsule shown above is called a Spa Capsule and we sell refurbished models from $5k to $12k depending on date of mfg.  Customer lays face down and water pressure comes from the top.  call 800-667-9189 for current inventory.  The strange looking water massage table above is called the AquaMassage and we sell refurbished models between $4k and $9k.  Client lays face down and extreme water pressure comes down from the top.  Most effective model on the market today and large unit.  We sell with a warranty.
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