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Aqua Massage Profiler Spa For Sale

We now have a used 2010 AquaMassage Profiler Spa for sale stock photo of used AquaMassage Profiler Spa for saleand priced and only $11,999 with free delivery and installation in the states of Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Alabama, Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Minnesota, Michigan, Illinois, and Ohio.  We have brought this water massage table back to our warehouses and gone over it with a fine-toothed comb. 

Our refurbishment process includes checking water pressure and repairing and replacing leaking gaskets or liners.  We also replace the cushions and top covers when needed and repaint the small, black trim pieces which chip and fade over time. This used AquaMassage Profiler Spa for sale displays a lot of power and pressure in a small package. 

The water massage function requires the client to lay face down with the water massaging action coming from the top.  This is the preferred method of about 50% of clients asked in a straw poll.  This design allows for the customer to be fully clothed and can be used in open spaces like malls, chiropractor offices and many more. 

Please call us a 800-667-9189 with more questions or email us here. The pictures found on this page of the AquaMassage Spa are stock photos which will not change.  Please email us for exact photos of the unit we will be delivering to your salon or home.

aquamassage spa for sale    photo of an AquaProfiler for sale