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Refurbished Hydro Massage Bed For Sale

We have recently completed refurbishing a used water massage table called the Hydro Massage Planet used hydromassage bed or tableBeach Series (2008) we are selling for $8,999 with free delivery and installation included in most parts of the USA.  Our free delivery and installation range for this used water massage bed is Florida, Georgia, Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Minnesota, New York, New Jersey and Illinois.  Please call 800-667-9189 or email us for a delivery quote to California, Arizona or the West Coast.

This particular water massage bed for sale is called a HydroMassage and it was built in 2008.  This refurbished automated spa equipment is in excellent condition and includes a Touch Screen, Computer, Mouse, Keyboard and External Chiller. This water massage table needs nothing and includes the external T-Max Remote Timer for salon operation. The Color is Black on Black and the liner and covers have been replaced during this refurbishment. Price with delivery, installation and 30 day warranty is only $8,999.

The HydroMassage bed offers a unique, open design for a full body massage with customizable pressure ranges.  the computer software features touch-screen controls with 17,000+ user-defined massage options and temperature controlled cooling system.  One lesson we have learned about buying water massage beds is the fact you must "super-heat" the water to a "therapeutic value" to receive the most benefit from these devices.  Especially for chiropractic uses, the "cooling system" or chiller unit is vital to have when selecting a water massage bed for your salon or day spa, and the Hydro Massage offers these features.  The photos pictured here are stock pictures that will not change because we will buy and sell many used Hydro Massages this year, please email us here for photos of the EXACT unit we will deliver to your door.

We do not sell new water massage beds so we are free to choose from many water massage options photo of hydromassage bedsto buy for refurbishment in the after-market.  Because we offer a 90 day warranty with all of our used personal saunas, sunless spray tanning booths and used tanning beds sold, we must quickly learn which brands are build the best and which company provides the proper parts, supplies and service needed to offer warranty repair. 

When it comes water massage table choices, the water pressure "delivery methods" are what very the most.  You may choose to lay face down and have the water pressure come from the top like the Aqua Massage and Aqua Proliner models, or may choose to lay on your back and feel the water pressure shoot up from the bottom like the HydroMassage pictured here.